3309 Elmo Way,  Moore,  OK.  73160    405-623-6067


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Bert Smith 4 Congress, 3309 Elmo Way, Moore, OK.  73160

Oklahoma's Next Fourth District Representative

3309 Elmo Way,  Moore,  OK.  73160    405-623-6067

As your Congressman, I will support the Affordable Care Act.  Our unit in Vietnam never left anyone behind.  We have left 45 million of our fellow Americans behind, by failing to share a portion of the American Dream called quality health care.  All Americans deserve nothing less.


Our great country is rapidly turning into a Banana Republic, as the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer. If full time workers can't provide for their families without government assistance, an adjustment to the minimum wage is required, as 2/3 of Americans believe.


As we speak, Republican leadership is attempting to take $100,000 from each future military retiree's pension.  I will address this issue loudly and strongly, until it is corrected.  America's warriors , who defend us so well, deserve what they were promised.


My wife Carol and I live in Moore and have lived in Oklahoma all our lives.  We have five grown children and nine grandchildren.


My education includes a BS Degree in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University and an MBA in Finance from Oklahoma City University.


I retired as a math teacher for Oklahoma City Public Schools in 2009, having taught at Southeast High School, Hillcrest Santa Fe, Moon Middle School and Dunjee  Academy.  Earlier in my career, my father and I owned and operated a farm supply store and grain elevator in Western Oklahoma.  I also worked as an agricultural credit administrator for First National Bank of Oklahoma City.


In 1997, I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after 28 years in the U S Army Reserve.  In 1971-72, I flew in combat in the Republic of Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, lift section leader, and assistant S2 with the 3/17 Air Cavalry Squadron.  My military career included being honor graduate of my Infantry Officer Basic Class, five years with the 96th MTC, graduation from the Army's Command and General Staff College, and 10 years as an Admissions Field Representative for the United States Military Academy at West Point.


My son served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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My name is Bert Smith.

I am a Democratic candidate for the

U S House of Representatives from Oklahoma's Fourth District.

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